NHS and Hospital work

James was a partner at a multi-sited NHS practice in Berkshire for over twenty years. This large practice trains GPs, and runs specialised clinics in antenatals, immunisations, minor surgery, joint injections, family planning, diabetic care, asthma, skin care, and palliative care planning.

James has a particular approach to looking after patients; a method known as “patient-centredness”. While NHS General Practice requires that GPs meet certain government set targets in each disease area, it tends to fragment care into chronic disease types.

Patient centredness is a more holistic approach which deals with people who have multiple chronic diseases as a person first, and allows that there may be several interactions between how they live and the diseases they suffer. Many disease centred approaches are backed by science undertaken in chronic disease “silos”, where drug effects are studied without regard to other co-morbidities.

General Practice Medicine requires expertise in treating children, adults, middle aged and elderly, with physical or mental health problems. James had hospital training in all these disciplines.

Shiraz, Céret 2015 40x50cm oil on canvas

Shiraz, Céret 2015 ~ 40x50cm oil on canvas


Full colour oil portrait of John, done with two sittings of two hours each

John, oil on canvas 40cm x 50cm


Crayon drawing of Scarlet Johanssen ready to paint

Crayon drawing of Scarlet Johanssen, first stage of making a portrait in oil